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Shine Bright: The Power of Embracing Your True Self

Updated: Apr 5

Hello Beautiful People! Welcome to my Blog! I want to use this space to show up as my full authentic self, hoping you are inspired by the freedom of showing up as your true self!

This has been a long time coming because I have so many thoughts, perspectives, and revelations that I typically always share with family and friends. And now I am inviting you into my private thoughts to share my light and insights hopefully.

I welcome you into my mind and heart with the hope of inspiring you to freely articulate yourself without the fear of judgment, condemnation, or "cancel culture". My only hope is that with organic conversation we can grow in wisdom. So with that being said Here We Go!

"It wasn't until I got real with myself, then I became FREE!"
Girl in the desert
Traveling through the Sand Dunes in Abu Dhabi

My life and journey have always been one of self-discovery, awareness, and acceptance. I believe it truly started in my adolescence. How many of us went through those teenage years of uncertainty, confusion, and identity crisis? For me, I was always wanting to fit in and be the girl that everyone liked. I was like a chameleon fitting in wherever I could with different groups of people. I would make sure I was accepted by everyone. Didn't realize the precedent I was setting for myself to be perfect and likable.

After years of therapy and reflection, I realized that my need to be liked and accepted was a direct response to being bullied as a child. I felt like if I was liked by everyone and got along with everyone then nobody would have anything to pick on me about. But let me tell you that is so draining! I created a picture of myself to present to people so they would like me.

It wasn't until I got real with myself, that I became FREE! On my 30th birthday, I realized I had enough of trying to be perfect and accepted by others. I went on a year-long journey to find myself. The path of self-discovery is one of intentionality, love, and grace. As I grew closer to myself it helped me to draw nearer to God, who created me. I fell in love with his creation and realized I was his masterpiece. I meditated on the scripture Ephesians 2:10 (NLT) “For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Identifying as a masterpiece helped me to love and accept myself fully. I knew that God didn't make any mistake in creating me and I marveled at loving his beautiful creation.

That journey of self-discovery helped me to uncover so much about myself; what I liked, what I disliked, who I wanted around me, or not. I loved on me the way God loved me. In that, I learned that who I was, was just fine and I did not have to be accepted and loved by everyone as long as I knew God loved and accepted me for who I was. I never forget the day when I spent my quiet time with the Lord and he told me to look down and see that I was no longer in chains. That I had been set free from the bondage that kept me from embracing my full authentic self. I was no longer a People Pleaser and didn't feel the need to be liked or accepted by others. Now I walk fully into who I am without fear!

I invite you to share in this empowering journey to embrace your full authentic self. I want you to remember the following:

Authenticity Leads to Freedom

Your journey of self-discovery and embracing authenticity will lead to freedom.

Embracing God's Masterpiece

You too are God's Masterpiece and by knowing this you will welcome self-love and acceptance.

Release the Fear

Let go of the fear that hinders you from being your true authentic self.

One more thing! I invite you to embark on a 21-Day Break Free Challenge with me. This challenge is designed to help you break free to unlock your destiny! The 21-Day Break-Free Challenge will help you visualize, prioritize, and accomplish your goals. You will find your freedom and actively dream!

I am excited for you! Let's take this journey together!

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